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Training & Education

In keeping with the vision, mission, and goals of IARP, the focus of Training and Education is to provide lifelong learning and career development for the professional rehabilitation community.  Specifically, Florida Chapter of IARP leaders and members strive to provide training and education through district, state, regional and national conferences on topics that focus on the growth of rehabilitation professionals.  Multiple educational opportunities are offered throughout Florida in our districts  including:

  • Northeast Florida District Annual Conference held in April of each year in Jacksonville;
  • Southeast Florida District Annual Conference held in November of each year in the Greater Miami Area;
  • Central Florida and Southwest Florida Districts Annual Conferences on dates to be determined.

Training and education includes on-line training and co-sponsorship with allied professionals and national leaders as well.  Through our network of districts in Florida, training and education provides timely and relevant knowledge and information in areas such as legislation, regulations, policies, standards and ethics, and research that impacts the development of the rehabilitation professional’s career success.  Our training and education chairs within each district welcome input from members on relevant topics as well as assistance in planning and conducting conferences. Following is the contact information for each district:

  • Northeast District: Lisa Hellier: 904-399-5357
  • Southeast District: Jill Baxter: 561-777-5918
  • Central District: Brenda Martinez Richardson: 407-401-9756
  • Southwest District: Daniel Giles: 724-347-0386

If you are interested in becoming a speaker for one of our conferences please contact the appropriate individual listed above or Tennyson Wright, statewide Training and Education Chair, at We welcome your participation, input and knowledge.